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Artisan Foods Limited (AFL) - Artisan Foods Limited provides consulting and logistic support to the meat industry through supply chain development, wholesale product sourcing and sales assistance for products produced from the Artisan methods of family farms, whom use traditional ground root production methods yet utilizing today’s technology for superior Management and Production Authenticity & Food Safety. 
Modern technology applied to old world methodology ultimately enables ARTISAN FOODS to deliver Solutions to our select customers that satisfy all End Consumer product criteria. 

We are service providers from the perspective of methods developed over six generations of family farm Canadian beef producers.  Educated in accounting, finance, and Business Administration built upon our foundation of the traditional old fashioned methods developed from our On Farm & International beef industry experiences since 1905, is available to AFL clients on a Consulting Project basis as outlined below;

ARTISAN FOODS & BEEF - Management Consulting Project Service information, please visit our Consulting Service site:
Artisan Beef Production Consulting Services   

  1. Primary On Farm Beef Production -  our methods of Primary on farm beef production practises allow AFL to deliver solutions to clients that meet or exceed production & business goals.  Click here for our On Farm Primary Production services site .. read more  
  1. Cattle Supply Development and Management – Our consulting services offered under our trade name Artisan Beef, can provide solutions to the cattle supply & production needs of your organization, as our involvement within the beef industry since 1905, allows us to assist clients in cattle supply management and logistics.  Contact our offices for more information of how AFL can assist you in this regard.. 
  1. Meat Sale and Contacts in Ontario & other markets – Artisan Foods have continuous relationships with wholesale beef buyers in the GTA and Ontario markets that are sourcing verified beef programs. Contact our offices for more information of how AFL can assist you in this regard.. 
Wholesale Foods sourcing – If you are a wholesale purchaser of beef, meats and other goods; or simply want more information of where your organization can purchase products with certain product value propositions & qualities, Artisan Foods can assist you in your wholesale food procurement.

ARTISAN FARMS DIRECT - Please click here for the Meat Products Sales that are available on a wholesale basis to retail and food service customers direct from the farm to you and for YOUR customers.

  1. Artisan Farms Direct Ltd. (wholly owned WHOLESALE product Sales Division of AFL) – We have developed an open food access network from family farms via our Artisan Farms division within the Artisan Group to bring farm fresh meat products farm direct to the wholesale market. Our intimate connection to the primary production family farms allows our limited Artisan Wholesale Food Customers.   

 AFL and Artisan Farms develop and maintain relationships with Wholesale Food Distributors that have the Culture & Commitment equal to our own on very a limited basis – please contact us to join our network of Artisan Farms.         

For further information on the Artisan Group - Artisan Foods, Artisan Beef & Artisan Farms Wholesale Direct , please contact us:

Artisan Foods Limited
Suite 1646
225 The East Mall
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M9B 0A9


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